January 2021 Restock

Written by: Alexia D.

Revel Nail has heard everyone’s requests for a restock, so here’s twenty-eight of our sold-out colors from us to you. We even made sure to bring you a wide range of colors. We are bringing back solid pinks such as D72 Tara and D243 Entice, reds like D342 Moana, D350 Eager, D361 Ray, and even the orange shade D329 Mambo. We are also including color changers, like MC20 Libra, MC27 Sculptor, MC18 Ariel, and MC25 Portia, and adding in solid purples like, D2 Angelina, D90 Gleeful, D107 Marvelous, D356 Intrigued, and D370 Thief, and even the blue shade D172 Cura. The gray color D169 Selene, the D360 Pina Colada cream, and the green color D379 Privacy are also a couple colors we are bringing back. We also can’t forget those glitters and glow in the darks: D387 Extravagant, GC1 Magic, GC8 Electric, D457 Kai, D488 Chandelier, D491 Heartbreaker, D496 Serenade, D515 Medieval, and 517 Loyal. However, I have to highlight a couple of my favorites: MC25 Portia, D107 Marvelous, D169 Selene, D379 Privacy, and D517 Loyal.

MC25 Portia is one of my favorite color changers. I am a big fan of reds, and this one changes from a lighter red to a darker red in cooler temperature, and I find it useful when I’m looking for a simple and fun manicure. I also know that this color is going to be big when the weather starts to warm up in the spring.

New Year Manicure Mood Changing Dip Powder | Revel Nail At Home Dip Powder Kit | Red and Black Manciure

D107 Marvelous is the next color I have to focus on. It’s perfect for Mother’s Day and this spring season with it’s blue-purple shade. Personally, it reminds me of purple Hydrangeas, which usually come out in the spring season. (All I can think about are the beautiful matching flower/manicure pictures!) I also love how this color perfectly pairs with the Girl Boss shade D556 Empire and the Luxe glitter D481 Imagine.

Shimmer Blue Dip Powder | New Year Manicure Inspo | Revel Nail | At Home Dip Powder Kit

Another color that’s coming back is one of my favorite neutrals. D169 Selene is a gorgeous pebble gray. It’s easy to spice up this shade with D516 Infinite or D67 Rita, but I usually wear this color alone. I love how this color is able to be eye-catching and lowkey at the same time.

Winter Blue New Year Manicure | Revel Nail Dip Powder | At Home Dip Powder Starter Kit

The deep green of D379 Privacy is perfect for when the weather turns warmer. This shade is a perfect switch out of those wintery blues, and I definitely know I’m going to be wearing it in March. I just love this color so much because of the deep green tone. It reminds me of Pine, but D379 Privacy has a bluer undertone.

Deep Green and Wine Red Dip Powder | New Year Manicure Inspo | Revel Nail Dip Powder | At Home Dip Powder Starter Kit

Saving the best for last, is D517 Loyal. This green glitter is exactly what’s needed for St. Patrick’s Day in March. This glitter can really spice up your manicures due to its Luxe shine and sparkle. I love how you can wear it alone, but if you’re not a big fan of all glitter manicures, you could totally wear this color with D393 Charged, for a fun glow in the dark moment, or wear it with D71 Scarlett for beautiful glitter ombrés.

Green Glitter Dip Powder | Revel Nail Dip Powder | At Home Dip Powder Nail Kit

This restock, occurring on January 6th, is going to be the perfect way to start the new year. These colors have been sold out for a while now, and I know some of you have been eyeing them. This is your time to secure all these colors for the warmer months, and to just help your Revel Nail Dip Powder collection grow.