How to Prep Your Nail - RECAP

Written by: Sami S.

Prepping your nails before your Revel mani is crucial for a flawless, long lasting manicure! We’ve created a great video including all of our tips and tricks that we use to get a seamless application!

Step One: Use the Classic Cuticle Pusher to gently push back the invisible cuticle on your nail. Doing this, prevents the cuticle from growing which could cause your manicure to lift.

Step Two: Using your Rugged File (150 Grit) removes any excess oils on your nail and allows you to create your desired nail shape.

Step Three: Once you are finished filing, use your Brilliant Buffer Block to again remove any natural oils or shine to your nail. This provides a clean surface for the Pro Base and the Revel Nail Dip Powder to adhere to.

Now that you’ve followed the steps, you are ready to begin dipping with your favorite Revel Nail Dip Powder colors! Be sure to tag us by clicking Here to upload your photo or by sharing on social media with the #YesRevelNail.