How to Get a Famous French Tip Manicure

Written by: Alexa D.

The French Tip manicure became universally popular in the 1970s, and fifty some years later, this manicure trend is still one of the top desired manicures. This is due to its simple, yet classic look. Celebrities have taken this classic look and made it their own. For example, Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin Bieber rock the colored tip French Manicure. Personally, those kinds of French Tip Manicures are my favorite. I love pairing a bright color with a classic manicure. Then there’s Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, and Normani who wear the classic white tip French Manicure. Their nail shape and smile lines are to die for.

Veronica White French Tip Dip Manicure | Get the Look Celeb Manicure | Revel Nail

Pastel Purple French Dip Manicure | Revel Nail Dip Powder | Celeb Get the Look

To create a French Tip manicure similar to your favorite celebrities, you will need to purchase The Fabulous in French Starter Kit to create the classic white tip and pink base French Manicure, and our Tool Kit will be helpful when you need to shape your nails. However, if you want to create a French Tip manicure without the starter kit, just purchase our French Manicure Dipping Mold, and use whatever color you want. If you want to recreate Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s manicure, I suggest using D385 Lily, and using D365 Belle to recreate Bella Hadid’s yellow French Manicure. To help you out even more, here’s the link to our French Manicure tutorial with Marla Kris to help you follow along with our directions.

  1. Prep nails as normal. This includes buffing and shaping.
  2. Pour D74 Veronica (French White) into your dip mold.
  3. Apply Step 1 Pro Base as usual. Make sure not to apply the first coat of liquid too close to the cuticle to prevent lifting.
  4. Slowly slide your finger into D74 Veronica in the dip mold to get the desired curve line.
  5. Tap your finger to remove any excess powder.
  6. Use the cuticle pusher to pour D73 Tricia (Dark Pink) onto the uncovered part of the nail. Do not worry about D73 Tricia getting onto the white tip of your nail, it will not be able to stick due to D74 Veronica already on the nail.
  7. Tap off excess powder.
  8. Apply Pro Base for the second time. This time, you can apply this coat of liquid to your cuticles.
  9. Repeat steps 4-7.
  10. Apply a third coat of Pro Base all over the nail.
  11. Dip into D75 Vivien (Clear) to help protect the French manicure.
  12. Tap off excess powder.
  13. Apply a generous amount of Step 2 Activator, ducking the brush back into the bottle after each nail. Make sure to cover the edges of the nail and cap the nail. Let it dry for 2 minutes.
  14. Shape your nails however you desire with a file or drill and buff your nails afterward.
  15. Apply a second coat of Activator and let the nails dry for 1 minute with EZ Care Liquids and 15 seconds with Professional Liquids. Gently wipe your nails with a paper towel to ensure the nail is dry.
  16. Apply your first coat of Step 3 Finish Gel using 2-3 quick brushstrokes.
  17. After 1 minute, apply a second coat of Finish Gel more deliberately. Let it dry for 2 minutes with EZ Care liquids, and 15 seconds with the Professional Liquids.