Q: How do I apply the products?

A: Summary of Steps:

  1. Shake up powder jar to fluff up powder
  2. Apply ProBase
  3. Dip into powder
  4. Apply Activator
  5. File nails and dust off excess dip powder
  6. Apply Activator and wait 1 minute
  7. Apply the first coat of Finish Gel with 2-3 quick brush strokes from base to tip.
  8. Apply the second layer of Finish Gel

Check out our Dip Powder Application tutorial!

Q: Why does my Finish Gel have dull streak marks on the surface?

A: It is crucial to ensure you are applying enough Activator to your nail, make sure to dunk the brush back into the bottle before moving on to the next nail.

After the second coat of activator is applied, let it dry for 1-2 minutes before you apply the first coat of finish gel. The first layer of Finish Gel needs to be applied quickly, in 2-3 quick strokes. The second coat of Finish Gel can be applied more slowly and carefully; be sure to cap the front edge of the nails.

Q: I am experiencing lifting, what’s happening?

A: Not enough Activator. Activator is what cures the powder and makes it adhere to the nail. You might need to use more of the #3 Activator, making sure you apply to the front edge of the nail (capping the front edges). If the front edges are not capped, lifting can occur. Be sure to apply the Activator on all edges. Getting Activator on the skin will not damage the skin.

Q: How do I remove Dip Powder?

A: There are a few different ways to remove Dip Powder. Check out these videos to see which process would work the best for you!

1. Nail Spa Removal Kit

2. Foil Wraps

3. The Baggie Method

Q: The lid on my Probase or Finish Gel is stuck, what happened?

A: Probase and Finish Gel are strong adhesives. You need to be careful to not get it on the neck of the bottle or it will glue the cap shut. If this happens, you can put a rubber band around the lid to get a better grip and open the bottle we then suggest you apply the brush softener to clean the threading, ensuring the brush softener does not get in the liquids as it will contaminate them, then wipe off.

Q: Why is the brush on my ProBase or Finish Gel getting hard?

A: If you are having trouble with the ProBase or Finish Gel brush hardening, there are two possible causes:

1. If ProBase comes in contact with excess powder it can cause the brush to harden, this is why it is crucial to wipe off the excess powder in between layers of ProBase and dipping the nail.

2. The Activator may not be completely dry when you move on to the Finish Gel. You need to wait longer (1-2 minutes) after the second application of the Activator to apply the Finish Gel. Activator and Finish Gel react with each other to give you the hard finish on your nails, and the same thing can happen in your bottle. If the Activator on your nails is not completely dry, you will have a hardened Finish Gel brush.

To fix a hard brush: Take out the brush in the brush softener bottle and use a paper towel to dry off the liquids on the brush. The liquid is colored so that you have a visual appearance on how clean the brush is, dry it until the brush is colorless. Use the clean, dry brush in the liquid with the hard brush. Then take the hard brush, clean it with a paper towel, and let it sit in the brush softener bottle for at least one hour. After one hour, take the brush out and clean it to remove glue residue from the bottle. Leave that brush in the brush softener for next time you have a damaged brush.