What To Expect During 12 Days of Revel!

It is almost that time of year again - holiday drinks, Christmas carols and most importantly, 12 Days of Revel is back! The next twelve days of deals are about to be epic. Keep reading to see what you can expect!

On the first day of Days of Revel we're giving you . . . new tools!

Day 1 is all about liquids, tools and accessories. Enjoy 15% off of all of your favorite tools and accessories. Be sure to stock up on those liquids while they're on sale - because who couldn't use a fresh set of liquids? We'll also be launching a wax pen, new nail decals and swatch packets! 

On the second day of Days of Revel we're giving you . . . a mystery box!

It's time to spruce things up! Our All Spruced Up Mystery Box is launching, but hurry - it is while supplies last! You'll be sure to sleigh the holidays with these 5 exclusive, surprise shades.

On the third day of Days of Revel we're giving you . . . chromes!

Now you can make your nail fantasies a reality! Buy 4 chromes and you'll get one FREE! This sale is on Mirror Chromes, Holo Chromes and our NEW Fantasy Chromes. That's right - we'll be launching four new Fantasy Chrome Shades! 

On the fourth day of Days of Revel we're giving you . . . Glitterfest 2.0!

Who was around for Glitterfest? We'll be launching six NEW Glitterfest shades. We loved our Glitterfest shades so much that we thought they could use some friends! Buy six Glitterfest shades and you'll get a FREE silicone mat with your purchase.

On the fifth day of Days of Revel we're giving you . . . finishing touches!

We all love adding flakes to our manis! Spend more, save more on all of our flakes on Day 5. Spend $35 and save 10%, spend $50 and save 15%, or spend $65 and save 20%. As a special surprise we'll also be bringing back D563 Reflect, our first ever dip powder to contain gold flakes. That's not all . . . we're also launching three NEW Finishing Touches kits - Touch of Opal, Touch of Reflect and Touch of Rainbow! 

On the sixth day of Days of Revel we're giving you . . . mood, sun & glows!

You asked and we delivered . . . four-way changers are here! PLUS New mood/glow colors and 15% off glow, mood and sun changers! It's no secret that our mood, sun and glow shades are favorites among the Revel community. That's why we decided to launch a Change It Up Mystery Box!  

On the seventh day of Days of Revel we're giving you . . . buy two, get one FREE!

We could all use a palate cleanser mani sometimes. Buy two, get one FREE on all neutral and nude dip shades today!

On the eighth day of Days of Revel we're giving you . . . Revel Mates Grab Boxes & Gel Polish Duos!

We'll be having a 20% off sale on all nail lacquer and gel polish. We'll also be launching our Lacquer Grab Boxes - similar to grab bags but for polish! Last but not least, the dynamic duo you've been waiting for . . . we'll be launching our Gel Polish + Powder duos to give you the mani-pedi of your dreams!

On the ninth day of Days of Revel we're giving you . . . a surprise you won't be able to resist!

We're throwing it back to the good old days at Revel Nail with the relaunch of seven old shades and collections that are back by popular demand! #TBT to when Splash was the only sky-blue glitter you dipped into, you didn’t just drink coffee but dipped into Coffee n’ Crème, Miss Behaving was totally ok, and your nails were always En Pointe! 

On the tenth day of Days of Revel we're giving you . . . another mystery box!

We've got the perfect batch of jars that will create a sweet mani! On Day 10 we're launching our Cookie Exchange Mystery Box. The secret ingredient to your holiday mani awaits you . . .

On the eleventh day of Days of Revel we're giving you . . . new tonal sets!

Enjoy up to 30% off all of our kits and collections . . . plus two NEW shimmer tonal sets: Pink Ladies & Gray Skies! You'll get discounted shipping on orders over $40 CAD AND the first 10 orders to spend $125 CAD (after discounts and before shipping) will get a FREE Wanderlust Revel Mates Collection!

On the twelfth and FINAL day of Days of Revel we're giving you . . . extra rewards points!

Powder Perfectionists will earn 3x Rewards, Devoted Dippers will earn 2x Rewards and Nail Novices + Guests can earn 10 Bonus Rewards on purchases over $30 CAD (after discounts and before shipping). 


We almost forgot . . . all qualifying purchases* will receive a Freebie Powder on each day that they shop during the 12 days! Qualifying orders will have the 2021 Freebies automatically added to their cart during checkout and will be delivered along with the other items purchased.

*Must spend $30 CAD, after discounts and before shipping