Days of Revel Day 1: Liquids & Accessories

 On the first Day of Revel, Revel gave to me. . .liquids and accessories!

We’re starting off Days of Revel with a bang! We’ve added some new editions to our line plus, enjoy 15% off liquids, tools and accessories.

What’s launching? Nail Decals, Wax Pen, and Swatches!

Nail Decals

Decorate your nails with everything from Abstract to Spring to Pattern Nail Decals

Price: $7.49

How do I apply Nail Decals?

1. Follow the normal Dip Powder application process, stopping after the second coat of Activator.

2. Use a lint-free paper towel to wipe your nails, ensuring your nails are completely dry.

3. Use tweezers to pick up your decal and place the decal down until it is flat.

4. Finish your manicure off with two coats of Finish Gel.

Wax Pen

Let your creativity take control with our new wax pen! If you’re someone who likes to add flakes, foils, gems or other nail art to your manicure our Wax Pen is calling for you!

Price: $9.99


Wish you could see your dip powders before applying them on yourself? can with our new swatches!

Price: $6.49

You TOOL-tally will want to stock up!

Grab 15% off liquids, tools and accessories. Let’s be real. . .what would we do without our buffer? Would our nails file themselves? It’s time to check up on your liquids and tools. It might be time for some replacements!