New to Nail Drills?

Ready to take your mani up a notch? Let our Nail Drill lead the way...with a built in light for precision and the ability to be taken on the go it’s just the tool you’ve been waiting for. 

We know you may be a little hesitant because well...a nail drill is for professionals right? Yes, but we’ve made sure to keep our beginners in mind! Designed with a built-in light and varying speeds, it’s a great way to test out whether you enjoy using a drill during your mani time. Like with everything else we offer, there is a satisfaction guarantee, so if a drill isn’t your thing no worries! 

Feeling less nervous? Okay, good. Now let’s chat about WHY a nail drill or e-file is a great addition to your tool box; if you find yourself spending a big chunk of your mani time on filing and buffing while shaping or prepping for removal, the drill will speed that up! Giving you more time to show off your mani!  

Our drill comes with different drill bits selected to cater to all your mani needs and if you want to see the drill in action, click here to check out our YouTube tutorial!