Get To Know Our Social Media Interns and Their Favorite Revel Shades!

Get To Know Our Social Interns and Their Favorite Revel Shades!

My name is Dana! I’m one of the Social Media Interns at Revel Nail, you probably know me as “DL” in the comment section and messages on our social media. Something you should know about my nail taste is that pretty much anything with glitter catches my eye. You’ll find me dipping into glitters all year round. Let’s be honest, a little sparkle never hurt anyone! Some of my favorite Revel Nail Dip Powder shades are D170 Theia, D490 Champagne, and D97 Peppy.

My go-to shades are not a simple solid shade. I prefer a shade that’s a glitter. If I’m looking to dip into something simple, my go-to look is D97 Peppy. I’m obsessed with this light pink glitter! It’s a perfect pink shade that’s not too light or too bright.

@raygozabeauty [D97 Peppy]

Next on my list is D490 Champagne. Champagne is one of a kind glitter. It’s a nude filled with different sizes of holographic glitters which is perfect to use as an accent glitter. I usually pair it with different nude shades like D235 Hush, D573 Itzel, and D319 Havana to let Champagne have it’s spotlight.

@nails_and_dips [D490 Champagne, D235 Hush]

Another favorite glitter of mine is D170 Theia! This shade is a gold base with iridescent and gold glitter. When I’m in need of a gold accent glitter, Theia is my go-to girl. What I love most about this glitter is that it pairs easily with many colors!

@nailswithsierra [D170 Theia]

My name is Katelyn and I am another one of the Social Interns here at Revel Nail! When it comes to my nails, I am a huge fan of light colors and nudes. Some of my favorite colors to dip into especially during the Summer are our Sun Changers! I spend so much time out in the sun and this is a great way to feel like I am switching up my mani without the extra work. I’ve been loving SC15 Sun Island lately. It is a coral color that changes to a ruby pink and both of these shades are absolutely stunning!

@camethrudippin [SC15 Sun Island]

Just about every other one of my manis throughout the year is usually some type of nude or neutral and I’ve been loving D143 Ensemble. It can be described as a warm honey colored nude. She is absolutely gorgeous on her own, but you can add foils or D414 Chic to give her a little extra spice.

@dalyla_nails [D143 Ensemble]

Last but not least, I live for D117 Enchanted. No matter what time of the year, this is my absolute favorite shade of ours (besides Erica of course). Enchanted is a sheer, light purple with pink and purple glitters and she is truly magical. She is best for Spring and Summer, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing her in Fall and Winter as well.

@nailedbycat [D117 Enchanted]

My name is Sami and I am also one of the Social Media Interns. One thing you'll quickly find about me is that I love neon colors! When I used to go to the salon, I would search for the brightest color they have- especially for my pedicures! I genuinely love all colors for my manicures, but my pedicures have to have a bright neon at all times (in fact, I am currently rocking D377 Flippant as my pedicure)!

Three of my favorite Revel Nail Dip Powder colors are D43 Lilian, D161 Sharp and D392 Thunderbolt! One thing I always have to have is a beautiful bright red. Sometimes I want to feel a bit sassy, which is why D43 Lilian is an absolute staple for me. D43 Lilian is bright, vibrant and so classy!

@white.coat.dips [D43 Lilian]

My other two favorites- D161 Sharp and D392 Thunderbolt- are both a part of my top three, simply because of how bright and vibrant both colors are. D161 Sharp is the perfect neon orange and D392 Thunderbolt is a bright fun yellow! I think the best part about my top three colors is, I would totally rock them altogether!

@jerasdipnails [D392 Thunderbolt, D75 Vivien (Clear)]

Kyle Gunner [D161 Sharp]