Lip Gloss Nails

What are Lip Gloss Nails? 

The trending Lip Gloss mani is similar to the Glazed Donut trend that we all know and love, but it keeps things a bit more simple! To achieve this look you're going to want to grab your favorite sheer neutral dip color OR polish. @idippeditagain used D737 Lotus.


Step 1 - Prep your nails as you normally would, being sure to push back your cuticles and gently buff the nails to remove shine.

Step 2 - Apply Pro Base and dip into D737 Lotus. We suggest stopping at two layers of dip to achieve that sheer, natural look; however, if you need the extra strength, feel free to top that off with a layer of D75 Vivien (Clear).

Step 2: Apply Activator, then buff and file. 

Step 3: Apply your Finish Gel, or substitute that for our Tack Free Gel Top Coat for extra shine!