NEW! Sensitive Dip Powder Liquid Set

Introducing our NEW Sensitive Dip Powder Liquid Set, an odorless dip liquids system with a HEMA-Free Gel Top Coat. Our Sensitive Line was designed to combat "Dip Flu" symptoms while still giving you the same durable, long-last results as traditional dip liquids!

Dip Flu 101

What is "Dip Flu?"

  • "Dip Flu" is a reaction to the contents of Step 1 and Step 3 in a dip system liquid set. From our experience and observations, far less than 1% of our customers have experienced a "Dip Flu" reaction, so there is a very strong chance you will not be affected at all. All dip systems currently on the market use the same chemistry for their steps, so all Base/Finish Gels across all brands will cause the same reactions, although chemical strength may vary from brand to brand which may cause a difference in the strength of the reaction

What are the symptoms?

  • Sneezing, coughing, congestion, headaches

How to combat dip flu?

  • "Dip Flu" symptoms can be avoided or lessened by wearing a mask and doing your nails in a well ventilated area.

What users are saying about the Sensitive Dip Powder Liquid Set:

80% of users experienced No "Dip Flu" Symptoms

100% of users noticed reduction in "Dip Flu" symptoms

"In comparison to current liquids I would say that the low odor is amazing. I have yet to break out my eyes did not itch and I am still breathing normally"

"I am so excited about the low odor system. I currently use Revel's liquids and glass shield. I normally have to do my nails outside with a fan on to avoid dip flu symptoms. When dipping indoors, I would get symptoms ranging from runny/stuffy nose, coughing and sometimes wheezing after completing my manicure. I tried another brand's low odor liquids but was not happy with the wear and it had a much longer dry time between dips. When I used their liquids, my manicure was chipping, cracking and lifting after only four days and I decided to return to using Revel's regular liquids. When using Revel's low odor system, I was able to dip my nails indoors and did not have any symptoms at all. I also felt that the dry time was very similar to Revel's regular liquids. I followed the instructions and was able to dip my nails like normal and I am very happy with the quality of my manicure using the low odor system. My nails feel as strong as when using the regular liquids"

"I will say I love that the liquids do not burn my skin or my eyes. I didn't have any of the pain with this system like I do the original."

“I LOVED the new liquid!! I literally put it up to my nose when I was halfway through my manicure to see how strong it would be and I had no reaction at all! Normally it would instantly burn my nose and eyes. This was great! I didn’t even have to wear a mask! So far the manicure is holding up and I did NOT have any allergic reactions to the liquid! I didn’t have 90% alcohol so I used 50%, I think that made it look a tad cloudy but I will get 90% for next time to try it out.”

*Due to the HEMA-Free Gel Top Coat, the Sensitive Dip Powder Liquid Set does require a UV/LED light.