Summer Nail Trend - Florals! | Revel Nail Dip Powder

The summer of florals is upon us! This summer get an early start with the #1 nail trend of the season. People all over are smelling the flowers, and adding them to their manicures. Whether it’s stamping, painting, or adding an actual flower, adding a floral is sure to up your nail game.


These floral designs are more than capable with dip powder. The most popular way to add a flower is by stamping or painting. Stamping plates and polish are widely available and don’t take long to get the hang of, while painting freehand is a bit more challenging. After your dips of Pro Base and powder, apply your stamp or paint your design, then finish as usual with Activator and Finish Gel!


You can get really crafty and add a real flower to your mani. After two clear dips, place the flower, then add a clear dip over the top. Finish your Revel Nail mani as you normally do.

Whatever method you choose, giving your manicure some flower power will help you stay on trend this summer!