It's Virgo Season!

Sign: Virgo

Dates: August 24 - September 22

Color: D81 Dreamy

Traits: Loyal, kind, hardworking, practical

Characterized by the Goddess, your methodical approach to your every day life showcases your work ethic and ambition. The time you take for even the smallest details displays your open heart and care for the world.

Dreamy Manicure Revel Nail DIp Powder

(D81 Dreamy)

Simple, understated but still breathtakingly beautiful? D81 Dreamy checks all the boxes, with your head down work ethic those who take the time to know you truly see your kind heart. Much like Dreamy, you’re never the center of attention, but you know how to stand out in your own way when the time comes.

Manicure photo pf D81 Dreamy and Extravagant | Revel Nail Dip Powder

(D81 Dreamy & D387 Extravagant)