Color of the Week - D332 Majestic

color of the week Majestic graphic Revel Nail DIp Powder

We describe Majestic as a smoky purple, and just like historical royalty, this purple is a perfect match for all of you queens! Pairing it with the gold glitters in Limited Edition Legacy (s/o to all of the girl bosses) will make sure you rule everything you do. Or you can make a statement by pairing Majestic with D74 Veronica (French White)

Majestic swatch with spilling dip powder Revel Nail DIp Powder

Majestic is a perfect transition into fall – darker and toned down while still maintaining some summer purple, so it’s definitely a necessity.

Photo of D322 Majestic manicure, Revel Nail Dip Powder

(D322 Majestic and D170 Theia being worn by @lfaber33 on Instagram)

Phoebe is our new creative intern who started just three weeks ago and loves how soft but deep and vibrant Majestic is. Phoebe says she would pair Majestic with gold flashy shirts or a basic white tee and jeans for a perfect fall relaxed outfit. “Honestly, I love black clothing and Majestic even matches my outfit!”

Majestic is one of those colors that compliments all skin tones, all Autumn long. So be sure you snag your own D322 Majestic while it’s on sale starting at $5 (ends 9/8)! One last thing, don’t forget to send us your Majestic manicures to be featured all across Revel Nail platforms! Upload to the website or tag us @RevelNail on Insta!