Radiant Revelry Reflective Dip Powder Set

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Embrace the glamour and magic of reflective glitters with Radiant Revelry Dip Powders. In regular lighting, these shades are sparkling beauties, and with a flash will appear ultra-reflective!

What it includes:

6 (0.5oz) Reflective Glitter Dip Powders

  • D1089 Diamond Jubilee: Diamond Jubilee is a super sparkly silver glitter dip powder. With a flash, Diamond Jubilee will appear ultra-reflective.
  • D1090 Regal Cobalt: Regal Cobalt is a super sparkly royal blue glitter dip powder. With a flash, Regal Cobalt will appear ultra-reflective.
  • D1091 Emerald Enchantment: Emerald Enchantment is a super sparkly emerald green glitter dip powder. With a flash, Emerald Enchantment will appear ultra-reflective.
  • D1092 Gilded Opulence: Gilded Opulence is a super sparkly gold glitter gel polish. With a flash, Gilded Opulence will appear ultra-reflective.
  • D1093 Sparkling Sands: Sparkling Sands is a super sparkly light pink and silver glitter dip powder. With a flash, Sparkling Sands will appear ultra-reflective.
  • D1094 Rosy Radiance: Rosy Radiance is a super sparkly fuchsia glitter dip powder. With a flash, Rosy Radiance will appear ultra-reflective.

Please note: The reflective appearance will only be shown through phone camera with a
flash or in certain lightings.

How to Get Started with Dip Powder

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Check out these tips on how to perfect your dip powder manicure.

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