Name in Lights | Glow Dip Powder Tonal Set


What it is:

Introducing the most fun tonal set of Summer '24! Name in Lights includes 5 vibrant creme shades that complement one another when worn together. The real fun starts in the dark - these shades glow in their base colors creating our first-ever multi-shade glow tonal!

What’s Included:

Set includes (5) 0.5oz Dip Powder Jars. Only available as a set, while supplies last.

  • D1209 Name in Lights Shade 1: A neon yellow creme dip powder that glows yellowish green in the dark
  • D1210 Name in Lights Shade 2: A neon green creme dip powder that glows green in the dark
  • D1211 Name in Lights Shade 3: A bright teal creme dip powder that glows teal in the dark
  • D1212 Name in Lights Shade 4: A blurple creme dip powder that glows blue in the dark
  • D1213 Name in Lights Shade 5: A bright purple creme dip powder that glows purple in the dark
How to Get Started with Dip Powder

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