Mood Magic | Four Color Gel Polish Starter Kit


What it is:

Each shade of the "Mood Magic" Starter Kit is designed to change from a cool tone to a warm tone and vice versa, depending on the temperature. Whether you experience a change in temperature due to a warm cup of coffee, a brisk walk outside, or just a change in body temperature, this collection will reflect your mood in a fun and unique way. Includes 4 15mL gel polishes.

  • G797 Marrakesh Moment: A bright magenta that cools off to a deep indigo purple.
  • G829 Red Rocks: Red Rocks is a medium orange shimmer that is reminiscent of the unique Sedona rock formation which cools to a warm, rusty red.
  • G872 Aurora Polaris: Aurora Polaris is a royal blue with iridescent flakes that transforms to a deep blue purple when cooler.
  • G874 Supernova: Supernova is a luscious berry shade with red and purple flakes that deepens to dark purple when cooler.
  • Tack Free UV Gel Top Coat: Our Tack-Free Gel Topcoat offers high-gloss shine with a tack-free finish that will WOW you! It cures in 90 seconds under UV/LED lamps and can be used with either builder gel or acrylic systems.
  • UV Gel Nail Base Coat: Revel Nail’s Gel Base can be used with Gel Polish for a long lasting high-shine gel manicure.

Choose between our two options:

  1. Our base Four Color Gel Polish Starter Kit (comes with all of the above)
  2. Our Tool Kit add on (comes with all of the above plus a Gel Polish Tool Kit)

      How to apply Tack-Free Gel Top Coat:

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