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Terms and Conditions Subject to Change


1/20/2023 | D800 Maggie Pantone Launch

  • D800 Maggie available for a limited time starting at 10am ET on Friday, January 20th 2023.
  • Promotion on D688 Peri | Classy, D689 Peri | Sassy, D608 Lantern and D607
  • Luminary valid from 1/20/23 at 10am ET until 1/21/23 at 9:59am ET.
  • D800 Maggie is not included in discount.
  • Orders that include D800 Maggie will not ship until on or around January 27, 2023
  • Availability may vary.
  • Shades available while supplies last, and may not be restocked.
  • Due to extremely limited quantity, replacement items may not be available. In place, store credit will be offered.
  • Terms subject to change.

    Revel Riches

    • Every order placed starting 11/16/22 at 10am ET for Powder Perfectionists, 11/17/22 at 10 am ET for Devoted Dippers and 11/21/22 at 10am ET for Nail Novices + Guests, through 12/13/22 at 9:59am ET are eligible.
    • Revel Riches codes are valid starting 12/26/22 at 10am ET through 2/28/23 at 11:59pm ET
    • Must be subscribed to Marketing Emails to receive Revel Riches emails
    • Customers can receive up to 15 Revel Riches codes.
    • Free Liquid Coupon applies only to Plastic Bottles.
    • Revel Riches codes are one-time use
    • Revel Riches codes are not exchangeable
    • Revel Riches are not able to be combined with other coupon or rewards codes
    • Revel Riches do not apply to subscriptions or Gift Cards. 

    Golden Ticket

    • Two randomly chosen winners will receive a Golden Ticket in their package to win 200 random 0.5 oz jars.
    • Orders placed during 11/16/22 at 10 am ET and 12/13/22 at 9:59 am ET will be eligible to win.
    • Winnings will ship mid-late December. 

    4/14/2022 | Spring Cleaning Flash Sale

    • 5 Dips and $19 kits are Final Sale, non-returnable and non-refundable.
    • $5 Dips and $19 kits promotion available for a limited time.
    • Due to extremely limited quantity, replacement items may not be available. In place, store credit will be offered.