Masquerade EMA monomer is the solution to the MMA monomer problem in the nail industry!

The FDA and many States have banned MMA in the nail industry. Many studies have shown that MMA monomer damages the nail bed, but many salon owners prefer MMA monomer because of the working characteristics. MMA sets faster and has working characteristics preferred by many nail technicians.

Masquerade EMA monomer has the same working characteristics as MMA monomer, but contains no MMA at all. Masquerade EMA monomer contain ingredients that provides great adhesion and non-yellowing properties.

Love MMA? Use Masquerade! Protect your clients nail beds!

All the great properties of MMA, but contains no MMA and LEGAL in ALL 50 States!

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What is it?

Masquerade is an EMA Monomer that works like an MMA Monomer. Masquerade is unlike other EMA monomers, in that it adheres to the nail better, is easier to shape with a nail file, and is harder to the touch.

Why not use an MMA Monomer?

In 32 out of 50 US States, the usage of MMA Monomers is illegal, and is not recommended by the FDA to be used in nail products. Instead, the FDA recommends the usage of EMA Monomers. Many studies have proven that MMA monomer is damaging to nail bed and results of these studies have caused the FDA and many States to ban the usage of MMA monomer in the nail industry. MMA Monomer is reported to be responsible for very serious nail damage, dermatitis, infection, and broken nails.

What makes Masquerade so new, then?

Masquerade is an EMA formulation that mimics only the good working properties of the MMA Monomer, but it contains no harmful MMA monomer. Nail technicians can have the preferred working characteristic of MMA and provide a safer alternative that will not damage their clients nail beds. The Masquerade EMA is a direct substitute to MMA monomer, they can use the same powder that is typically used with MMA and this formulation has better adhesion than MMA monomer and ingredients that prevents yellowing that typically results from MMA monomer. Masquerade is easy to file with a nail file, adheres to the nail well, and is harder to the touch than other EMA Monomers - and it's legal in all 50 US States!