How to Get the Perfect Fall Glitter Ombre

Written By: Sami Speegle

Are you ready to step up your creativity and spice up your nails for Fall but not sure where to start? The glitter ombre is the perfect first step to creating a more innovative Revel mani!

What you’ll need: Revel Pro Base liquid, Revel Activator Liquid, Revel Finish Gel, D75 Vivien, the Revel dip powder color of your choice and Revel glitter dip powder of your choice!

The tools we use: the Revel Nail Rugged Nail File (150 grit), the Classic Cuticle Pusher, the Ombre Brush, Perfect Powder Brush and the Brilliant Buffer Block.


Prep your nails! Make sure all nails are thoroughly cleaned, filed and the cuticles are pushed back using the Revel Nail nail file, classic cuticle pusher and the brilliant buffer block.

Now your nails are prepped and ready!

Acorn, Spiced, and Amber Dip Powder | Get the look | Glitter Ombre

D527 Acorn, D530 Amber & D532 Spiced


Apply a very thin layer of Step #1 Pro Base to your nail. Dip your nail into the Revel Nail Dip Powder color of your choice immediately after applying the Pro Base. If the Pro Base isn’t dry, dip again until the Pro Base has fully soaked in the Revel Nail dip powder. Once your nails are dry, gently brush off the access dip using the perfect powder brush. Repeat step 2 once more.


Apply the Pro Base to your nail once more, this time you will tilt your finger down and use your ombre brush. Dip your ombre brush into your Revel Nail glitter dip powder of choice and lightly tap the side of the brush handle to allow the glitter dip powder to fall onto the nail. Continue to dip your ombre brush into the glitter dip powder until you have your desired ombre look.

D493 Vendetta and D544 Babe Ombre Dip Manicure | Revel Nail Dip Powder | Get the look

D492 Vendetta & D544 Babe


Once your nail has the ombre look desired, gently brush off excess powder and apply a thin layer of Pro Base once more and dip into D75 Vivien to seal your perfect fall look.


Apply a generous amount of Activator to each nail, be sure to dunk the Activator brush back into the bottle before moving on to the next nail then let it dry for 2 minutes. Once your nails are dry, shape, buff and file each nail. Apply the Activator once more and allow it to dry for 2 minutes. Once your Activator has completely sealed, gently wipe your nails with a paper towel to ensure the Activator is fully dried in.

D32 Isadora and D20 Erica Ombre Dip Manicure | Revel Nail Dip Powder | Get the look

D32 Isadora & D20 Erica


Apply the first layer of Finish Gel to each nail using two to three brush strokes. Once dry, apply a second coat of Finish Gel.

D235 Hush nude and D306 Tiara multi glitter Ombre Manicure | Revel Nail Dip Powder | Get the look

D235 Hush & D306 Tiara

You have now completed the perfect Fall Glitter Ombre Design! Be sure to share your look with us by clicking Here to upload your photo or by sharing on social media with the #YesRevelNail