How to Achieve the Perfect Tonal Mani

Spring is around the corner and you know what that means! It’s time to pull out all of your favorite shades! If you missed our Tonal Sets and are looking to create a similar look, we have some color suggestions. Don’t be scared to step out of your comfort zone and try using different shades you’ve never tried before!

Let’s talk tonals….

We don’t wear pink on Wednesdays, we wear it everyday!

If you’re looking for a girly and flirty pink look, we have just the mani for you! Why use one pink when you can use them all? @lisa.adams.diynails used D129 Covetous, D522 Debutante, D412 Xin Chao + D20 Erica, D377 Flippant, and D163 Staff (left to right) to get this fabulous look! This pink tonal leaves you with a soft and bright mani.

In the Blues

If you’re someone who doesn’t feel “pretty in pink” and loves to stay in the blues for the spring . . . that’s totally ok too! @dippincurlsbyroa showed us how beautiful different blue shades can look together. It’s a great mani to transition from the winter into spring with. Colors used:  D304 Stormy, D565 Introspect, D461 Brisk, D408 Bonjour, and D74 Veronica (left to right).

Staying Neutral

If you’re not the kind of person who can’t wait to dip into a bright shade when Spring arrives and you’re looking for a simple look, a neutral tonal will be your go-to! is wearing some of our favorite neutral colors that we know you’re familiar with and might already have! Not only is this mani beautiful, but it’s matte too. A matte neutral tonal mani speaks confidence. If you’re looking to create a matte mani, we suggest grabbing our Matte Gel Top Coat. Colors used:  D230 Shady, D235 Hush, D557 Goal Digger, D232 Haute, and D233 Runway (left to right).


If you’re a purple kind of gal, then you’ll want to grab these purple shades to create your own purple tonal mani! @dipnails.obsessed added a twist to this mani! To get these beautiful purple tones, she mixed D363 Lola and D19 Emily together to get the color on her pinky, D409 Ciao for her ring finger, and D166 Iris for her middle finger. The pointer and thumb were done with a mix of D166 Iris, a little bit of D354 Vogue and D251 All-Nighter to make it darker. If you don't have Iris in your collection, you can substitute it for D176 Luna!

Peachy in Pastels

If you’re feeling peachy, take notes on this mani! @madeinmeadowbrook showed us how to pull off a brights and nudes at the same time. From left to right, she used D374 Sasha, D410 Hola, D407 Aloha, D337 Flushed, and D455 Calaca.