Home For The Holidays Looks

Written by: Sami S.

Are you feeling extra festive this year? Be sure to snag our Home for the Holidays collection before it’s gone! We’ve got the perfect manicure ideas for you to try this holly jolly season! Take a look at our latest video on just 5 looks for the holidays this season! The opportunities are endless!

Look 1:

If you are looking for a neutral but frosty festive look to go with the snow outside, our first look is perfect for you! Using D539 Frostbite flowing into D71 Scarlett then blending them together flawlessly, to create a beautiful flow is D539 Silver Bells topping off this frostbitten mani with D75 Vivien.

Look 2:

Hearing Santa’s sleigh ringing in the distance is the total vibe for this look! If you are in love with a classic red manicure for Christmas, this look is the perfect twist for you! Using D538 Tinsel, resembling sleigh bells on the bottom of your nail while adding D534 Poinsettia to the rest of your nail- is giving you the perfect red manicure with a twist! But, don’t forget to add D75 Vivien to seal that beautiful glitter!

Look 3:

This icy manicure resembling Frosty the Snowman and Hanukkah- is the perfect wintry look! Using D540 Windchill over the entire nail-while adding a small stripe of D539 Silver Bells and topping it off with D75 Vivien, gives us a beautiful resemblance to Hanukkah candles!

Look 4:

This festive manicure for St Nicholas Day resembling garland, is our Look #4! Starting off with D74 Veronica covering the entire nail, then adding alternating colors of D533 Garland and D534 Poinsettia then topping it off with D75 Vivien gives us the classic holiday colors perfect for this season!

Look 5:

If the other looks are a little simple for you- step outside your comfort zone and try out look #5! It’s the perfect combination of all of the holiday feels! Using D537 Frostbite to cover the entire nail, while adding D535 Sleigh Ride in the shape of a heart under your UV light and adding D534 Poinsettia as a second heart while topping off this look with D75 Vivien, gives you a little more of a challenge for this Merry Mani!

Remember, our Home For the Holidays collection give you an endless amount of manicure ideas for this merry season! Be sure to share your look with us by clicking Here to upload your photo or by sharing on social media with the #YesRevelNail