Halloween Mani Contest Recap

Written By: Sami S.

While Halloween has officially come to an end, we are amazed by how many submissions we received from our Revel Community! We had over 600 submissions for both contests! Can you believe that!? It always amazes us to see so much support and love from our Revel Community! In case you missed out on this exciting contest; here’s a recap and *spoiler alert* the winners of both competitions! For each competition, contestants were required to only utilize Revel Nail Dip Powders. Contestants could utilize other nail products if Revel does not offer it. Our first competition was simply put in your hands! The contestant with the most votes, wins! Our second competition was a raffle! Each contestant had to hashtag #YesRevelNail and #RevelNailHalloween to be submitted. This winner was drawn at random.

Our winner with the most votes, voted from all of you- was @Prinz_Dips! Rocking a Nightmare Before Christmas themed manicure with D411 Namaste, D313 Royal, D392 Thunderbolt mixed with D74 Veronica, D7 Barbara and D74 Veronica. We reached out to her to see what made her think outside the box for this Revel winning mani!

“I thought about doing this mani after putting together some of the colors and ideas I had & putting those together with searching different mani ideas through Pinterest. I loved that I was able to do a Halloween mani using not the traditional Halloween colors, but all of my favorite colors"

Nightmare Before Halloween Manicure | Halloween Manicure Ideas | Dip Powder At home kit | Revel Nail

So, congratulations @prinz_dips! Your unique touch of adding a little bit of ‘you’ to your halloween manicure-totally paid off!

Our second contest winner was simply utilizing our hashtags #YesRevelNail and #RevelNailHalloween was @Krystalmaries! @Krystalmaries submitted a gorgeous manicure using D449 Obsidian!

Obsidian is the perfect Halloween mani! She’s dark, sparkly, and the perfect attention grabber! If you’ve been on the fence about Obsidian, don’t be! She’s BEAUTIFUL! Revel Nail, you outdid yourself! Halloween month keeps looking better and better!”

Green Glitter Halloween Dip Powder Manicure | Halloween Manicure Ideas | Revel Nail

Congratulations @Krystalmaries!

We are so thankful for our Revel Community and having such supportive customers! We cannot wait to continue to launch fun contests and competitions with all of yall! Thanks for making this Halloween memorable!