Feel Inspired: Postcards from Provence Color Pairings

Feel Inspired: Postcards from Provence Color Pairings

Written By: Sami Speegle

From Cannes to Marseille, wander through lavender fields of the French countryside with our Postcards from Provence Collection. Feel the Mediterranean mists and dine under the golden sunsets with six new limited edition shades. We’ve launched our Postcards from Provence collection. This collection is a mix of dip powder and matching nail lacquer. This will be available in two sizes: .05 oz and 2 oz. You can purchase .05 oz ($10) and 2 oz ($24.99) individual powders. Let’s take a deeper look on each of these colors and see what Revel colors you may already have that I think, would pair flawlessly!

I am always a sucker for a light green; even though it’s not my favorite color- it’s such a beautiful color especially to rock on your nails! D584 Jolie the perfect subtle light grey green color. I would wear D584 Jolie with HC6 Delirious! as an accent nail to add a little sparkle and shimmer to my manicure. Or if I were to go with a more subtle but still fun look- D169 Selene is the color I would choose!

D583 Merci is a light greyish blue color. Whether you choose to rock this subtle blue mani alone or with other colors; my two favorite pairings would be D172 Cura or TT1 Opal If paired with D172 Cura, you can create an all blue manicure that truly highlights D583 Merci’s beauty. I would use TT1 Opal and D583 Merci to create a more fun and daring manicure style!

Can we all take a moment of silence to admire the beauty of D585 Élodie? D585 Élodie is a gold shimmer color with chunky glitter added. It’s a total must have in my book! D585 Élodie would match perfectly with our Bare WIth Me Kit- any nude color would do- which gives you that simple business like manicure but with a touch of sparkle! Two other colors that stick out to me would be to pair her with D583 Merci and D584 Jolie!

D587 Amour is perfect for all of our lovers of pink! I would totally stick with the pinks in this one and pair D587 Amour with D309 Heaven. You could easily create a tonal manicure with any of our Revel pink powders with D586 Soirée being the accent and staple color within your tonal manicure! Another great combination to pair with her would be MR5 Crown. You can never go wrong with adding a bit of chrome to your revel manicure!

D588 Bisou is more of a rose gold pinkish shimmer. You can pair D588 Bisou with so many different Revel colors! It’s so versatile! Two classic colors that would create a beautiful mani combination would be D35 Jennifer and D547 Elderberry with D588 Bisou.

Last but totally not least; you might have seen this pairing on our social media this week! D586 Soirée and D571 Circe. Both have a light peachy tone creating it to be a stunning pairing! D586 Soirée is more of a light peachy and gold glitter with a fluorescent shimmer allowing it to be a beautiful Revel color on its own or with many other colors! D35 Jennifer is another color I would pair with D586 Soirée for a light, refreshing but shiny manicure.

I think it’s safe to say that I am totally excited for this new collection and the pairings that you can create are endless! Remember, this is only while supplies last and powders can be purchased in our bundle or separately.

Now that I have shared a few of my favorite Revel pairings with our new collection, tell me yours! Share your look with us by clicking Here to upload your photo or by sharing on social media with the #YesRevelNail