Bridgerton Characters as Revel Nail Dip Powder Shades

Okay, so I may have watched all of Bridgerton in a single weekend, and by the weekend, I mean Sunday. If you haven’t watched Bridgerton, it has everything you’d ever want from a bingeable tv show: A great storyline, multifaceted characters, scandal, and of course, a string quartet version of Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next.

After my deep dive into the world of Bridgerton, I’ve deemed myself the “Lady Whistledown” of Revel Nail HQ. To do my due diligence of delivering all the hot gossip, I’ve gathered a few of our favorite Bridgerton socialites and matched them with Revel Nail shades. WHY do you need to know which Revel Nail shade has all the same vibes of each character, you ask? Well, because petticoats aren’t practical but we could all use a little luxury and drama in our lives by dipping into these shades.

Eloise Bridgerton: GC14 Glance

Glance gives me all the Eloise vibes, Glance is not trying to be the center of attention and would much rather be curled up with a good book compared to at the Modiste fawning over the newest fabrics with the rest of the debutantes. But of course, there is more to Eloise than meets the eye, like Glance, she’s got a shining personality and endless ambition only a few see. Turn off the lights and you’ll see Glance glow bright neon green, which’s sure to catch eyes in the dark.

Eloise Bridgerton: GC14 Glance | Nexflix's Show Bridgerton Character Manicure | Revel Nail Dip Powder

Image Sorce: Netflix

Lady Danbury: MR6 Supreme

Lady Danbury is intimidating and also awe-inspiring at the same time. With a seemingly tough and almost metallic exterior, Lady Danbury makes me think of MR6 Supreme. 1. She looks phenomenal in red and 2. When chromed over this shade presents a metallic, mirror chrome exterior. Lady Danbury may seem tough as nails, which she is but also as we get deeper into the season you can see she has a soft interior that mirrors Supreme’s glittery red powder.

Bridgerton Lady Danbury Manicure MR6 Supreme | Netflix show Bridgerton | Revel Nail Dip Powder | Mirror Chrome

Image Sorce: Netflix

Queen Charlotte: D505 Epiphany

Queen Charlotte demands attention, she’s flawless, trendsetting, and always looks fabulous. Just like D505 Epiphany, which is a clear base packed with holographic glitter that goes with anything. Queen Charlotte may seem only worried about the drama of Lady Whistledown but she has her own life behind closed doors and is facing her own challenges. Queen Charlotte’s ability to adapt to any situation and hold her head up high perfectly matches Epiphany’s multifaceted glitter that pulls differently depending on which shade you match her with.

Netflix Show Bridgerton Queen Charlotte Inspired Manicure | Gold Glitter Dip Powder D505 Epiphany | Revel Nail Dip Powder

Image Sorce: Netflix

Prince Freidrich: D37 Julia

This may be controversial, but I feel like Daphne could have had a wonderful life with the Prince. Prince Freidrich was a classic gentleman, dependable, and like someone who would have become your best friend and go to. This is why I think D37 Julia is Prince Friedrich in a Revel Nail dip powder jar. Julia is a soft shimmer that will always be a timeless classic, and a shade you’ll keep reaching for when you just can’t decide what other shade you want to use, which may translate as this shade, and the Prince, is a safe bet. But, can you ever go wrong with ol’ reliable?

Prince Freidrich of Bridgerton Inspired Manicure D37 Julia | Revel Nail Dip Powder

Image Sorce: Netflix

Did you scroll down just to see what shades I chose for Daphne and Simon? Hm. I’m fine with you skipping to the main characters first, but they would be nothing without their supporting actors/actresses. Make sure you get the low-down on the other characters as well!

Daphne: SC1 Ibiza

OKAY HEAR ME OUT, I know you were probably expecting something like D48 Margo, D20 Erica, or even D77 Bubbly. But no, Daphne went through some serious character development throughout the season and I will give her credit where credit is due. SC1 Ibiza starts as soft pink, as innocent as Daphne when she is still convinced her ‘love match’ is going to be like a constant fairytale. As the season goes on and Daphne gets a taste of the ‘real world’ and the challenges of marriage, she grows as a person, transforming into someone new. Similar to Daphne’s growth, Ibiza also changes, show her some sun and you’ll see how quickly she becomes a beautiful deep purple shade.

Netflix Bridgerton Daphne | Sun changing dip powder SC1 Ibiza | Revel Nail Dip Powder

Image Sorce: Netflix

Simon: D485 Sparrow

Simon is a total lone ranger and doesn’t mix well with everyone aka London’s high society. Sparrow is a gorgeous shade, don’t get me wrong but she’s not a Revel Nail dip powder shade I’d wear with any color like D32 Isadora. With a gray and gloomy base, Sparrow matches Simon’s borderline cranky exterior in the early episodes of the season. Plus, similar to a chunky glitter, working with him can seem a little daunting. Once you get over the initial rough exterior of them both, (hint: add little of D75 Vivien Clear over top to make Sparrow easier to work with), then you can see the beauty within. Sparrow’s eye-catching holographic glitters match Simon’s shining wit, and of course, his dashing good looks.

Netflix's Bridgerton Simon Inspired Manicure | Gray Glitter D485 Sparrow | Revel Nail Dip Powder

Image Sorce: Netflix

That concludes my time as Revel Nail’s “Lady Whistledown”, be sure to share this latest issue with all your friends! What do you think of my color selections? Agree? Disagree? What shades would you have chosen?