What's the deal with Valentines Day?

The most “romantic” day of the year, how do you celebrate it? Have you ever wondered why the colors red, pink, white, and even purple are specified with this holiday? Also, is it just a made up holiday by card companies to sell more cards?

Well, here we are, to help you with some of your wonders. To start, let me tell you about the many ways people from around the world celebrate. Have you heard of the phrase "wear your heart on your sleeve?" Well, i'd like to think that phrase originated from our friends in South Africa. The women of South Africa usually do what the brave only do. They pin the names of their love interest on their shirtsleeves. Can we say FEARLESS! The new day thanks to Leslie Knope, Galentine's Day may have originated from Latin Americans. Latin American's don't just shower their loved ones on this special day.

As we all know there are colors that are notorious for this day, and here's why. Red, the color that symbolizes

passion, love, and desire. White is generally understood to symbolize purity. Pink is the lovely result of combining red and white, and it's pink what more of an explanation do we need? Also, may it serve as a reminder of how the significant meaning of the colors red and white work together to tell the complete love story.

Although receiving gifts and more than enough love on Valentines Day is one of the greatest feelings. It can get very expensive. You should show people you love them on days other than Valentines Day.