Up2You by Revel Nail - Create | Revel Nail Dip Powder

We at Revel Nail are thrilled to be launching a revolutionary patent pending NEW product. Up2You is a one of a kind gel that allows you to create your very own Gel Polish simply by adding any color nail polish as the colorant. The product will work with any brand of nail polish and the final color of the gel polish will be similar to the starting nail polish color.

There are thousands of nail polish colors available in the market, but a limited number of gel polish colors available. Standard nail polish manicures cannot provide extended wear like the 2-week wear that gel polish can offer. With Up2You, you can create your own unique custom color of gel polish and keep your clients coming back to for your unique color.

Up2You allows you to self-mix limitless colors to form a long lasting (2 weeks) gel polish. We provide the Up2You base and you provide ANY brand of nail polish lacquer you'd like to convert to a gel polish. It's as easy as shaking and mixing. Finish your mani off with the ultra shiny Revel Nail Top Coat and you'll be set with stunning nails for up to two weeks.

Want to see it in action? Check out this clip of a client creating her custom shade...

Up2You How to...

We are also excited to announce that we will be attending International Beauty Show, (March 8-10, 2015) where we will be launching this product and showcasing some of our new Spring Shades!

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