The Oprah Magazine! | Revel Nail Dip Powder

Revel Nail is excited to share that we were mentioned in January’s issue of The Oprah Magazine. We at Revel were thrilled to get an invitation to come up to Oprah’s New York city offices. Oprah’s staff had gotten wind of a new nail trend that rivaled gel polish and were interested to find out more about it. They were curious to put our product to the test and Revel was all too ready to rise to the opportunity to show them. After a quick but careful manicure, Molly told us if the manicure lasted as long as we said it would, she would write about us in an upcoming issue. We left their offices confident that they wouldn’t be disappointed. After just a few weeks we heard back that the manicure impressed the beauty editor and an article would be written about dip powder. We were thrilled that we impressed Oprah’s staff and loved the write up that they did. Check out what Oprah had to say about us below.