Spring Dip Powder Nail Trends!

Hey Revelutioners!

Spring has begun! Be prepared to smell the flowers and break out those bold, bright colors that you packed away for the winter! This Spring we're bringing you trends that we know will become your favorite go-to looks for any occasion! Let's get to the trends!

1. Encapsulated Glitter

D9 Blake, D255 Idol, D75 Vivien with craft glitter

by Kacey R. in our FB Community

This design will spice up any mani! Craft glitter sandwiched between dips of clear gives you an accent finger that is totally unique!

Tips for applying: - Apply a thin layer of Pro Base and dip into D75 Vivien (clear) and brush off excess powder.

- Repeat

- Apply a third layer of Pro Base. Using a dotting tool or tweezers, pick up loose glitter and place on the nail. If the glitter is fine, you can sprinkle over the nail using a makeup brush, or dip right into it for full coverage!

- Apply another layer of Pro Base and dip into D75 Vivien (clear). This layer will help protect the glitter as you buff.

- continue with Activator and finish mani as usual!

2. Multi-Colored Manis

D354 Vogue, D156 Phrase, D351 Helena, D365 Belle, D377 Flippant

by @thisgirlsnails on IG

What's better than a single color mani? A multi-color manicure!!! Have fun channeling your inner unicorn, and show everyone what Spring is all about!

Tips for applying: - Set out and open all of the colors you will use first. We know from experience it is easy to forget to switch colors!

- Follow your normal application using a different shade on each finger.

- Be sure to wipe your Pro Base brush on a paper towel before reinserting into the bottle. This prevents powder from entering your Pro Base bottle.

3. Contrast Ombre!

D302 Xena and D9 Blake from our #FierceNailFriday

FB and IG Live videos featuring Revel employee Tiana

The ombre technique has been around for a while, but that doesn't mean it needs to be boring! Take your ombre to the next level this Spring by using two fresh, bold colors! This ombre is anything but understated!

Tips for applying: - Apply a thin layer of Pro Base

- Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush, dip it into the first color, point your finger down and gently tap the powder from the brush onto your nail, starting at the cuticle and moving toward the tip. Focus the most powder at the cuticle and taper off as you move down. End near the middle of your nail.

- Using a second brush (we don't want to mix colors!) dip it into the second color, and point your finger up this time at an angle, and again tap the color onto the nail. This time start at the tip and concentrate color there, then move toward the middle of the nail.

- Gently brush excess powder from the nail

- You'll repeat the two steps, but in reverse. Do the tip of the nail first, THEN the cuticle area.

- Add a layer of D75 Vivien (clear) over the nail to protect your hard work!

- Finish your mani as usual.

- How to Video

4. Pastels & Pinks

Passion for Pastels Pretty in Pink

Pastels and Pinks are ALWAYS perfect for Spring! Lucky for you, we did the hard work and assembled our four most popular pastels and our four most popular pinks into kits! Our Passion for Pastels Kit comes with EZ Care Liquids and four great pastel shades. We've curated our extensive line of pinks, chosen four we think you'll love, and packaged them into our Pretty in Pink Kit, which also comes with EZ Care liquids. They're a perfect way to get an easy Spring mani!

Which Spring nail trend is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!