Golden Ticket Winners! | Revel Nail Dip Powder

As part of our 12 Days of Revel celebration, we sent out two Golden Tickets in random boxes. The lucky recipients of these Golden Tickets won our entire dip powder line in 0.5 oz jars! Read on for their stories!

Our first winner was Jocelyn W. who found the first Golden Ticket in her shipment pretty early on in the 12 Days of Revel. She posted the following in our Facebook Customer Community:

"For all of you who asked, YES... there was jumping and screaming and running. So, my daughter brings me this big box and says, "Revel came,” and I'm like, "That's not Revel. That box is too big. It's too soon." I was in the middle of doing stuff and I thought she was pulling my leg so I ignored it for a bit. Eventually I’m like, “Wait. What the heck? It IS Revel. That shipping was so fast this time! Whoop!” It still didn't dawn on me that anything was different. I was all jazzed because I had ordered the mystery boxes and couldn't wait to see. Meanwhile, my son and husband are leaving for basketball so I say goodbye and start to get the box open. I’m so clueless because the box has all this tinsel but it STILL doesn’t dawn on me that something is different. I was like, “Oh, Christmas packaging.” I pull out the receipt and then I pull IT out. The beautiful and sparkly golden ticket!! It takes a few seconds to register what I’m seeing. My heart leaps and I have no words. I just start shaking the ticket in my hands and jump up from the couch and I run out the door so fast. I’m barefoot and in my comfies and I dive under the closing garage door. My husband is like, “WHAT’S WRONG?!” and I scream, “THE GOLDEN TICKET!!… I GOT THE GOLDEN TICKET!” And then there was so much jumping up and down like a 3 year old. I couldn’t contain my joy and I just started running in circles around the car with the ticket in the air. It was a lot of circles. My neighbor probably thinks I’m insane. By this time my daughters have figured out that I have the golden ticket and what it means and now they are also running around the car. To say we were all excited, including the boys, is an understatement.

I feel so very blessed. I feel blessed to have finally taken the plunge into dipping 4 months ago. I feel blessed to have chosen Revel. I feel blessed by the support I’ve received from this group whenever I’ve had questions. I feel blessed for the golden ticket. I feel blessed at all the positive energy sent my way tonight. I’m just feeling blessed. Thank you, Revel. You have given me a gift and an experience I’ll never forget. You’re THE BEST!"

Jocelyn's order before it left the warehouse - we had so much fun putting this together for her!

Goosebumps, right? Our second winner is Hannah J