Get the Look - Hailee Steinfeld

French Manicure

Hello ladies, it’s Friday. You know that means. The weekend is here, and it’s time for another Fierce Nail Friday. Check out the Fierce Nail Friday live video here, where we recreated this gorgeous glittery French manicure.

Haliee Steinfeld at the 2019 Oscars, French Manicure dip powder

And the winner is…Revel Nail Dip Powder. This award-winning look was worn by Hailee Steinfeld for the 2020 Oscars this past season. She rocked this perfect French with a gold and white dress. Hailee’s nail artist for this look was Tom Bachik, who has worked with celebs like Jlo and Selena Gomez.

Haliee Steinfeld french manicure, revel nail dip powder

Vamp up this manicure with a gold sparkle topcoat. Get the all the feels with this classic French, be flashy, classy and fierce.

Nothing is more timeless and easier than a French manicure, and with Revel’s Dipping Mold it’s a no brainer as to why you shouldn’t give it a try.

Everything you need to get the look:

For this look you will need, D74 Veronica, D170 Theia, D71 Scarlet Flawless Pink, our Dipping Mold and a brush.


Gold Glitter Dip Powder, D170 Theia. Get the look with dip powder Revel Nail

Theia is a beige beauty with fine gold flitter and rainbow iridescent glitter mixed together to leave you feel like a goddess. Theia has a versatile consistency; she can offer a wide variety of uses. She can be used as a solid gold shade, a shimmer ombre or a light glitter overlay.


Swatch of D74 Veronica, french white dip powder, revel nail

Veronica is a true French white. She is supper pigmented, and saturated, allowing great coverage. Every woman needs a reliable white shade in her beauty drawer, to be able to create any look.


Swatch of D71 Scarlett Flawless Pink, french tips with dip powder, revel nail

Scarlett is our Flawless Pink. She has a light sheer weight, making her a must have dip powder. Since she is lighter than the rest of our powders, she can easily be applied over any mani without being overpowering.

Pro Tips & Tricks:

I know what you are thinking, “I could never get a perfect smile line on my French manicure.” Well girlfriend, rest assured with our trusty dip mold and helpful tutorial, you will be ready to rock.

Photo of Revel Nails French Dipping Mold

When it comes to the gold overlay, a brush is the most effective tool for this step. If you don’t have a brush, your fingers will do fine. This step is really where you can have some fun and really make it your own. This allows you to add a little or add a lot. For more more of an in-depth

Final Thoughts:

French manicure photo with dip powder, revel nail

So how did we make out with this one? I personally cannot get over how well this came out and how easy is was. This look that Hailee Steinfeld wore is so timeless and perfect for any occasion or everyday wear.

Be sure to post and tag us with #RevelNail and #GetTheRevelLook to show us what you came up with and how you made it your own. To be featured on our social media pages, Instagram, use the hashtag #YesRevel. I’ll catch you guys on Mani Monday for anther color of the week. Until next time ladies, have a great weekend and be your Revelutionary self.