Cadence is our Color of the Week! | Revel Nail Dip Powder

D137 Cadence is a medium to dark purple with very subtle purple shimmers. Her purple and shimmers remind us of a subtle gemstone, especially a purple amethyst. The color is sophisticated yet fun when it shimmers in the sunlight. This makes it a perfect color to transition from the office to a night out, especially if you're tapping into some Halloween vibes for the October season. With Cadence, you'll be sure to cast a spell over everyone!

Photo of jar and swatch of color of the week D137 Cadence

Emily got a Cadence manicure this week. Emily is our photographer at Revel Nail, she takes all of the lovely photos we use on both social media and on the website. Emily is incredibly passionate about roller skating and often spends her weekends at skate parks with friends.

Emily’s Cadence manicure also includes two accent nails: one with D375 Glitz and one that a Cadence-Glitz ombre. The chunky gold glitter of Glitz pairs very nicely with Cadence’s deep purple and deepens the gemstone look on your nails. Emily loves the sparkle Glitz adds to this mani and thinks it would be perfect for everyday wear (if you’re feeling sparkly). It would also be great for an occasion like New Years Eve, to match a glitzy (pun intended) dress.

Photo of Cadence and Glitz dip powder manicure

Our photographer’s favorite thing about Cadence is the very subtle shimmer it has. “You really don’t see it in the powder, but once you put the Finish Gel on, the shimmer gives it a lot of dimension.” Emily also loves the deep purple color because it makes her feel “witchy” this month.

Cadence is on sale starting at $5 for a 0.5oz jar until October 13th. Go grab it while the sale lasts! Post your Cadence manis and give us permission to feature your photos by tagging #yesrevelnail. You might be featured across our social media platforms, on our website, or in one of our ads. Happy dipping!