Color of the Week - D43 Lilian!

Who’s wearing it:Wearing this week’s color of the week is me again, Amaya! This week I did my own nails for both the Facebook and Instagram live videos!

Description of color: A red-orange shade that will have you feeling bold and spicy!

Why do you like the color: This color puts me on a different level of spicy! I feel so powerful with this shade on. When I’m just typing away and just see my nails going back and forth it puts a smile on my face. I feel like somebody else, a different me.

Occasion/holiday it’s perfect for: This color is perfect for date night! Channel your inner fierceness with this shade.

What would you pair it with: I’d pair it with the February GOR color (which I actually have on now). Also it would look great with D49 Marilyn which is a gold powder with a hint of red glitter mixed in.

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