100+ Reasons Our Customers Love Revel Nail Dip Powder!

We asked our Facebook Customer Community to share with us all of the reasons they love Revel Nail Dip Powder, and they did not disappoint! We put together 100+ reasons our customers love Revel Nail - we know you'll love it too!

1. Dip Powder costs so much less than going to the salon

2. Me Time - doing nails by myself is a nice way to unwind

3. Experimenting - having the powders allows you to try new things yourself - mixing, ombre, French, and more

4. Dip Powder is incredibly durable. So much more durable than Gel or Nail Polish

5. Clear Dip allows me to use nail polish and coat it with powder for better durability - I still get to use all the polish I own

6. Dip Powder helped me stop biting my nails

7. My nails have gotten so long with dip protecting them

8. Nothing damages them - Rebecca from the customer community, is a firefighter and Revel Nail stands up to even that!

9. Color doesn't wear, rub off, or fade away like polish or gel

10. Doesn't damage natural nails

11. Not only does it not damage them, it makes them stronger

12. The strength of dip allows my nails to grow without being afraid of them breaking.

13. There are so many colors!

14. Mood Colors - its fun to do one manicure and have 2 different colors on

15. Sun Colors - colors that are different inside vs. outside

16. No chipping!

17. Resistant to dye transfer - women who work with clothing or hair dyes have their nails turn different colors usually, but not with dip powder!

18. Using Dip Powder is the first time I have had long, healthy nails in my life

19. The little learning curve - once you get the steps down its easy to do it and get great results at home

20. I can change color every few days without having to pay a ton of money at the salon

21. No one is going to believe that you did these nails yourself

22. Having my nails done just makes me feel good, and this is something anyone can afford to do at home, by themselves.

23. No UV lamp needed

24. Since they are so durable, my nails will be awesome and put together even on days I am not feeling so awesome or put together

25. I have always had short, thin, or weak nails but I feel confident in growing them out thanks to the strength of dip powder

26. They have great shine

27. The Revel Nail Customer Community - a Facebook group full of women sharing tips, tricks and support for each other

28. Going to the salon once a week for $30 costs $1500 for a year, that's a lot

29. Fun girl time activity to do with friends, family, and kids that everyone enjoys

30. Revel Powder is so easy to work with compared to the other brands

31. Dip so strong, nurses who wash their hands hundreds of times a day can wear it without any damage

32. The swap and sell group on Facebook - it allows me to swap colors with other ladies.

33. Revel Nail's amazing customer service

34. The 100% Revel Nail money back guarantee - I know if I don't like it, Revel will replace it or give me my money back, no questions asked

35. Quick shipping from www.revelnail.com

36. Free upgrades (sometimes Revel Nail will ship a 1oz if you ordered a 0.5oz jar, or a 2 oz for a 1 oz jar)

37. Revel Rewards - earn rewards for every dollar I spend, cash them in to get discounts on future orders

38. The reaction I get when someone compliments my nails and I tell them I did them myself

39. It's a great hobby - collect colors, experiment with techniques, and get some time to yourself

40. I have little kids but I can get my nails done without needing to find someone to watch the kids while I go to the salon

41. As soon as they dry they are tough as nails - no need to worry about ruining my manicure right after I finish

42. Lasts a month plus, with no chipping or lifting

43. Don't have to be a big DIY makeup person to be able to do Dip

44. Gift of Revel is so fun - get a surprise color every month

45. It's easy to buy/sell/trade away colors I don't like anymore or get samples from other users

46. Mom-daughter time

47. Having my nails done makes me feel like I have something done right!

48. Dip is so strong it makes a great sound on the keyboard when I type!

49. Even new moms with no time can have nails that are done.

50. I can do it in the comfort of my own home

51. I can do my nails when I want, any time, day or night

52. Easy to repair and I can do it myself

53. All the compliments I get

54. Phone free activity, away from screen time

55. Quick application time

56. If nail polish or gel polish don't last on my nails, dip does

57. The powders and liquids are non-toxic

58. It can give me the confidence to take charge in a meeting

59. Revel is always offering something new - a collection, new colors, sales, something to keep everyone busy

60. I can express myself with my nails artistically

61. I control my mani - if I don't like it, I can change it, no arguing with a technician if I am not happy

62. It's easy to give myself an accent nail with a glitter powder

63. A month of nails with no chips or lifting!

64. Even being a bartender and banging glasses and bottles all night doesn't chip it

65. I can have a salon quality manicure while watching TV

66. With the powders, I can create an endless number of matches and styles

67. I can change my nails 5x in one week without paying every time

68. It allows my nails to grow long, strong and beautiful

69. Nail Mail! Getting a new color in the mail is a fun way to end the day

70. Having great nails makes me feel pretty

71. For the price of tip at the salon I can get a new .5oz jar of any color I want

72. All the wonderful tips and tricks on social media allows anyone to learn new techniques

73. Getting to the salon is so hard to schedule - I can do my nails anytime at home with Revel

74. Removal doesn't damage the natural nail

75. I can get a manicure in my PJs at home

76. The tips don't wear off no matter how much I type at work

77. I have naturally weak nails, but Dip Powder strengthens them

78. The only bad part is that there are so many colors to choose from it's hard to pick what to do next

79. I can tell my husband I just saved $50 every time I do my nails at home by myself

80. It’s a chance to pamper myself without feeling guilty about spending a lot of money to do it

81. No need to use a drill

82. Ombre is an awesome technique that looks very cool

83. I can do a great French Manicure with Dip Powder

84. One word: Glitter

85. Its made in the USA

86. It's 9-Free

87. I can pick the size for me - .5 oz, 1 oz or 2oz - depending on how much i need of that color

88. Revel Mates give me matching nail polish for a pedicure

89. Revel Nail App lets me shop on my phone

90. The limited Edition seasonal kits - Wanderlust, Dia De La Revel

91. The sales!

92. Black Friday

93. Revel Refresh - new colors that are on trend

94. Money back guarantee means I never have to worry if i won't like a color

95. Revel Rewards are the best

96. Customer Service!

97. Color selection

98. Quality

99. Great Prices

100. Revel Nail listens to customers and introduces what they want - Rose Gold, Gift of Revel, .5 oz, etc

101. Revel Nail is the best

102. It's awesome being the first person I know to do something new like this

103. I work in a kitchen and am super hard on my nails, and this doesn’t come off until I take it off.

104. I work in a cafe hands are always in and out of water, plus cleaning supplies. Polish lasts maybe 24 hours, I can get 2 weeks at least with dip powder!

105. I’m a paramedic, work on a helicopter, and my nails do fine. It’s actually why I switched to Revel Nail - never have to worry about chips or anything.