Are you #Nailfie Ready?

Written By: Sami S.

Have you ever wondered how you can create the perfect mani photo that truly shows how beautiful the colors, design, and technique in your nailfie? Well today is your day! Keep reading as I share behind the scenes on how I achieve a great nailfie.

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The first must-have for a perfect nailfie is: good lighting! I’m not talking about that cute lamp light you have on your nightstand; I’m talking about that beautiful sun glowing outside! Natural lighting is always the best lighting when it comes to taking a great photo. You can really enhance and showcase that beautiful manicure of yours! Is it already too dark to go outside and take your nailfie? The next best thing to natural light is a ring light! If you want to ensure you can take a nailfie anytime, anyplace- a ring light would be your best bet!

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Now that you’ve got your lighting covered, let's talk about hand poses! To get the perfect nailfie, you can use a prop or you can create a cute shape with your hands to add a unique touch. Poses that are perfect without a prop are “the claw” nailfie, the “almost high-five” nailfie, the “sweater weather” nailfie or what I like to call, the “I said YES!” nailfie. Just remember, whatever poses you decide to do, make sure you are capturing the lighting in your photos; we want to see that beautiful manicure!

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If you decide to use an object in your nailfie, the Revel Nail Dip Powder containers are always a great choice because you can see what color is used in their manicure! You can also spice things up with unique objects to accent that beautiful manicure.

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Now that you’ve gotten some pointers to get that perfect nailfie, we cannot wait to see what you create so be sure to share your look with us by clicking Here to upload your photo or by sharing on social media with the #YesRevelNail