Revel Nail Drops Latest Launch, Postcards from Provence

Revel Nail Drops Latest Launch, Postcards from Provence

BLACKWOOD, NJ, March 8, 2021 - Revel Nail, a company specializing in nail dip powders, has announced its limited-edition spring and summer collection, Postcards from Provence.

The Postcards from Provence collection contains six new, exclusive dip powder shades and their matching Revel Mates lacquers. The .5oz collection will retail for $54.99 and the 2oz collection will retail for $149.99. This collection will be available while supplies last.

“Postcards from Provence contains six unique shades to guide you through the warmer months,” said Monica Sutton, co-founder. “The most exciting part of this collection is you can ensure your toes are a perfect complement to your dip manicure. These shades are just begging to see the sunlight in your favorite sandals.”

This limited-edition collection includes the shades Merci, a pastel blue-gray; Jolie, a soft, warm green; Elodie, a gold shimmer base with flecks of multifaceted blue and gold glitter; Soiree, a coral orange base with fluorescent multifaced pink flakes; Amour, a pastel mauve; and Bisou, a dusty mauve base with rose-gold glitter.

Individual .5oz and 2oz jars will also be available for shoppers. Individual .5oz jars will retail for $10 and individual 2oz jars will retail for $24.99. Nail techs in the Revel Nail Pro Community will be able to purchase 2oz jars for $14.99.

Revel Nail created this travel-inspired collection to incite shoppers to daydream about future trips and reminisce about past adventures, all while feeling freshly inspired to create new manicures.

“While the timing of future travel differs for everyone, we’d love for our customers to daydream about a trip to France to provide some excitement and inspiration for new, creative manicures,” said Keeli Malone, co-founder. “We hope this new collection can provide a fresh, creative escape for everyone at home.”

Revel Nail’s Postcards from Provence collection will be available March 9, 2021 for Powder Perfectionists at 10am EST. All other shoppers will have access on March 10, 2021 at 10am EST. Check out the full collection at