Polar Lights Dip Powder + Gel Polish Collection

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A cosmic curtain of shimmering beauty provides a magical sight to behold when you color your world with our six new hues. Polar Lights Collection comes with 6 Limited Edition 0.5oz Dip Powder Jars and 6 matching 15mL bottles of Gel Polish.

  • D872 Aurora Polaris is a royal blue with iridescent flakes that transforms to a deep blue purple when cooler.
  • D873 Solar Wind is a blue teal glitter. The Dip Powder shade can chrome to create a mirrored effect.
  • D874 Supernova is a luscious berry shade with red and purple flakes that deepens to dark purple when cooler.
  • D875 Northern Lights is a peachy horizon pink with iridescent flakes that glows blue in the dark.
  • D876 Merry Dancers is a contrasty mix of teal, purple, blue, and berry shimmers and glitters.
  • D877 Whirled View is a dark grape purple shimmer. The Dip Powder Shade can chrome to create a pearly effect.

How to Get Started with Dip Powder

Start dipping with our Dip Powder Starter Kit! Choose from 200+ nail colors, plus all the products you’ll need to get started.

Check out these tips on how to perfect your dip powder manicure.

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