Nail Drill

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Introducing Revel Nail's Portable Nail Drill! This drill is portable, cordless, lightweight and easy to function. Give your nails the salon treatment while saving time.

  • Safe on acrylic, gel and dipped nails

Why Revel's Nail Drill?

  • This portable nail drill comes with 5diamond bits that remove dry cuticles, oil and dirt to leave a longer last manicure. Included is also a mandrel bit that has 3 different sand bands fine, medium and course to remove shine from your natural nail. Removing shine from your natural nail allows a faster prepping time compared to nail files and buffer blocks. It also comes with a coarse flame bit that helps remove dip powder faster. The ball on top of the bit allows safety measure so you will not injure yourself during the process.

  • Bits can be disinfected and reused to and the sand band is disposable to ensure a safe and clean manicure every time.

Tips and Tricks

  • Revel Nail’s Portable Nail Drill works in 3 speeds slow, medium and high.
  • IF you are a beginner, we recommend starting on slow speed and working your way to medium once you get the hang of the drill.
  • For manicure preparation, use slow speed. On slow speed you can remove your cuticles and remove shine.
  • Use a mandrel bit with a fine band or a small diamond bit to remove shine. Removing the shine helps get rid of the natural oil and dirt on the nail that can cause lifting and breaking. This leaves for better adhesion for your next manicure.
  • Use medium speed and a mandrel fine bit or medium band for finishing or removing your manicure.
  • The flame bit will remove your dip powder in preparation for your next Revel Nail manicure. We recommend going from the cuticle to the nail dip as opposed to side by side. In this stage you want to remove 70%-80% of current dip powder.
  • All of the above can be used on high speed once you get familiar with using the nail drill.
  • Always remember to never over file your nail. Overfiling will lead to nail damage.

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