Love is Love | Ally Glitter Dip Powder Collection

$87.49 $95.92

The Ally Glitter Dip Powder Collection includes vibrant shades that celebrate inclusivity and representation. These vibrant and diverse glitter and flake shades have endless possibilities for pairing options.

What it includes: (8) 0.5oz Dip Powder Jars

  • D1166 Marsha’s March: a sheer base with sky blue and pink glitters and blue shimmers.
  • D1167 Stonewall Stand: a silver shimmery base with white, black, holographic and purple glitters.
  • D1168 Lambda Legacy: a sheer base with gold, blue and pink flakes.
  • D1169 Progress Prism: a mixture of pink glitters, blue and purple flakes
  • D1170 Solidarity Stand: a black base with gold and purple flakes.
  • D1171 Bayard’s Brave: a dynamic mixture of various shades and sizes of blue, teal, and silver glitter and flakes making it appear multi-dimensional.
  • D1172 Equality Trailblazer: a dynamic mix of white, purple, navy blue and pink glitters.
  • D1173 Shelly’s Spark: a peachy orange base with silver shimmers, orange glitters and iridescent flakes
How to Get Started with Dip Powder

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Check out these tips on how to perfect your dip powder manicure.

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