80’s Icons | Neon Dip Powder and Gel Polish Set Bundle

Coming Back Seasonally


What it is:

Includes 6 Neon Flake Dip Powders(0.5 oz jar) and 6 Neon Creme Gel Polishes(15mL)

  • Dip Powders
    • D810 Get Slimed: Bright, bold and shockingly green, Get Slimed is THE shade to wear to get noticed. This warm weather favorite is mixed with iridescent flakes making it a unique and must own neon shade.
    • D811 Jelly Sandals: Get a kick out of this fun shade! We added depth to this electric, Cerulean blue shade by adding in iridescent flakes.
    • D812 Slap Bracelet: Just as fun as the accessory it’s named after, Slap Bracelet is a vibrant, flakey purple shade that combines playfulness with a touch of mystery.
    • D813 Charm Necklace: Looking for a shade that is dramatic, fun and flirty? Try on Charm Necklace which is the perfect hot pink shade with iridescent flakes.
    • D814 Leg Warmers: Orange you glad we have this color? We are! This iridescent flaked neon is a bright orange shade perfect in every way.
    • D815 Banana Clip: If you are ready to add a bright, neon touch to your mani, consider accessorizing with Banana Clip. The perfect neon yellow with a touch of iridescent flake will ensure your nails will be noticed.
  • Gel Polishes
    • G835 Cassette Tape: Lime green’s spunkier, brighter sister, Cassette Tape, is a creamy neon green gel polish that has slight yellow undertones.
    • G836 Acid Wash: This bold and unabashedly bright blue gel polish will quickly become your new favorite shade. Like Acid Wash jeans, you can pair her with everything.
    • G837 Boom Box: A bit more subtle that her friends, Boom Box is sure to be a new summer favorite. She is a very bright and vibrant shade of purple that looks perfect on all skin tones.
    • G838 Shrinky Dink: This quintessential summer neon pink does not shrink away from drawing attention! Shrinky Dink is a timeless gel polish shade yet she is always in style.
    • G839 Koosh Ball: If you are looking for the perfect warm weather orange, Koosh Ball should be your pick! Complementary for most skin tones, she is a must have gel polish shade for summer pedicures.
    • G840 Walkman: Are you ready to rival the rays of the sun? Walkman should be your choice! This creamy, yellow neon gel polish will be in regular rotation when you are excited to show off your nails.

How to use Gel Polish:

Looking for a manicure that lasts longer than Nail Polish but you’re not yet ready to switch to dip powder? Or want a long-lasting high-shine finish pedicure that matches your favorite dip power? Our gel polish is perfect for you! Coming in a variety of colors matching some of our most popular dip powder and nail lacquer shades.

Instruction for a Gel Polish Manicure:

  • PREP – Sanitize hands and push back cuticles
  • REMOVE SHINE – Using a fine drill bit or 150 grit file, remove shine from nails.
  • SHAPE - Shape nails with a 180 grit file.
  • ALCOHOL WIPE – Using a lint free wipe, clean the nail with alcohol
  • GEL BASE - Apply a thin layer of Revel Nail Gel Base from cuticle to free edge, capping the tip. Using a LED light cure 30 Seconds or use an UV light to cure for 1 minute.
  • GEL POLISH - Using gel polish color of choice apply a thin layer from cuticle to free edge. Be sure to cap the tips of the nail to ensure complete coverage. Cure 60 seconds with a LED light or 2 minutes with an UV Light.
  • REPEAT – Perform steps 3-4 again to each nail. Each nail should have 2 layers of gel polish. Pro Tip* – some colors may need a third layer to give a complete full coverage.
  • GEL TOPCOAT- Apply a thin layer of Revel Nail Tack Free Gel from cuticle to free edge. Remember to cap the tips. Cure for 60 seconds with a LED light or 2 minutes with an UV Light
  • MOISTURIZE - Apply Revel Nail Cuticle oil to the skin surrounding the nail to have a complete, nourished, and calcium enriched gel polish manicure.


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