What is a Sun Tonal?

What is a Sun Tonal?

Do you love tonal manicures? Are you someone who is always in the sun? If you answered yes, then you’ll want to keep reading!


First things first. . .what are Sun Changers? Sun Changers are one color indoors and changes to another color when exposed to UV light like the sun! The best time to wear them is during the summer or vacation.

What’s a Sun Tonal? A Sun Tonal includes five shades that look identical but once they hit the UV light, they will begin to change into different shades creating a tonal effect. Each nail will turn into a different color creating a tonal manicure!

At Revel Nail, we’re turning our tonal manicures up a notch! Meet our NEW Limited Edition Catching Rays Tonal Set. This set will give you a sun changing tonal in just one manicure! Get ready for your nails to have some fun in the sun. . .

Catching Rays Tonal Set

The Catching Rays Tonal Set will allow you to have a light pink manicure for those long workdays and give you party nails once they hit the sun. Spending the day at the spa and ending the night out in the town with the girls? This set is perfect for you! Watch your nails change your “professional” pink to a collection of vibrant shades of purples in the sun.

What’s included?

This set includes five 0.5 oz light pink jars that transition into a pink/purple tonal when in the sun. The intensity of each color change will depend on the intensity of the sun. This set is $50 CAD and while supplies last. The set will include the following:

Catching Rays 1 is a pale, blush pink that changes to a vivacious bright pink.

Catching Rays 2 is a pale, blush pink that changes to a soft hydrangea purple.

Catching Rays 3 is a pale, blush pink that changes to a fresh lavender shade

Catching Rays 4 is a pale, blush pink that changes to a jasmine purple.

Catching Rays 5 is a pale, blush pink that changes to a light purple amethyst shade.