The Fall Drop In Collection is back and brought some friends along. . .

The Fall Drop In Collection is back! At Revel Nail, the leaves aren’t the only thing changing this fall. Dip into our original Fall Drop In shades plus our new Campfire Stories! Want to take your fall manis up a notch this season? You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging? Of course we have color combos already planned for you!

@pinknailmama paired D516 Infinite with D532 Spiced.  D516 Infinite is a must-have. One thing I love about this shade is how well it pairs with many colors.

Take a look at this fun fall combo @la.frenchie.37 created using D527 Acorn, D306 Tiara, and  D528 Cornstalk. The red/gold shimmer and chunky gold glitter in D306 Tiara pairs well with our Fall Drop In shades.


@saltednails__  dipped into GC11 Illuminate, D530 Amber, and D368 Vamp to create this Glitter Color Block look! Why pick one shade, when you can dip into several? 


Did you think we were going to forget about D20 Erica this fall? Absolutely not! Of course D20 Erica looks best when paired with D529 Pomegranate which is a red/purple glitter! Check out @dipped.bybri ‘s glitter ombre using these shades!

@infamousmelmakeup paired D531 Flannel with D232 Haute and D378 Prosecco! These two shades add the perfect nude and glittery touch that every fall mani needs.

We’re so excited to introduce our NEW Fall Drops called Campfire Stories! These shades are the perfect addition to your fall dip powder collection. They were made to pair hand in hand with our original Fall Drop In shades along with other shades you may be familiar with. Look at the combos we’re most excited to pair our new shades with!

What’s fall without a glass of cider? D615 Cider is a chunky, multifaceted copper and gold glitter with a bright copper base. If you’re someone who loves to pull out nude shades during this season, you’re in luck! Pair Cider with D572 Bianca or D580 Patina.

D616 Toasty is a charcoal gray base with chunky gold and brown multifaceted flakes. Pair D582 Zara or D336 Coco to pull out it’s brown flakes!

D617 Foliage is a black and gray base with crimson red and hints of auburn flakes. If you’re loving flakes like us lately, Foliage will be your go-to this fall! If you want to bring its red side out, pair with D332 Ego. If you want Foliage to stand out on its own, use it as an accent by pairing it with D13 Courtney.

If you’re thinking D452 Arco looks familiar, you’re right! Arco was part of our Dia De La Revel Collection and is back by popular demand. Pair D452 Arco with D49 Marilyn for a bright and bold glitter accent. D512 Affair a chunky rose gold glitter everyone needs this fall season to pair with a deep brown shade.

D618 Vista is a medium-toned denim blue. It’s the perfect shade of blue for the season which pairs well with many glitters! If you’re looking for an accent glitter that will pull out blue tones next to Vista, then D85 Fascinated. If gold glitter is your go-to accent – pair with D378 Prosecco.

D619 Vineyard is a shimmery iris purple. Vineyard looks great when paired with darker purple shades such as D368 Vamp or D357 Raven.