Mani Inspo + Pairings For Our New Halloween Drop-Ins

Put everyone under your spell with our highly anticipated Halloween Drop-Ins!

Spooky season is upon us and we’re thrilled to announce that our Pick Your Poison shades are back from the dead! They will be available for purchase in individual 0.5 oz jars while supplies last. Here to join them is our Ghouls Just Want To Have Fun set which features 5 new colors in 0.5 oz jars: D633 Squad Ghouls, D634 Witch Tracker, D635 Boo Crew, D636 Spellbound, D637 Hocus Pocus.

Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite Halloween mani inspo!

You can never go wrong with a multi-colored Halloween mani. Can’t choose one? Wear all of the Pick Your Poison shades on your fingertips!

@makeuporbreakup15 [D566 Gore-geous, D567 Under Your Spell, D568 Basic Witch, D569 Hallow-Queen, D570 Fab-Boo-Lous]

Can’t decide what to pair these colors with? Our Pick Your Poison collection pairs perfectly with D7 Barbara.

@cinsnailplace [D566 Gore-geous, D569 Basic Witch, D570 Fab-Boo-Lous, D7 Barbara]

Look at this gorgeous tri-colored mani on these shorties. Whether you rock long nails or short nails, Pick Your Poison is bound to put everyone under your spell!

@vnsanails_ [D567 Under Your Spell, D569 Basic Witch, D570 Fab-boo-lous]

‘Creep’ it real with a gorgeous ghost mani this season… [D569 Basic Witch, D570 Fab-boo-lous, D7 Barbara, D75 Vivien (Clear)]

Or you can always opt for a glitter ombré using your favorite Halloween Drop-In shades!

@gracesnails21 [D566 Gore-geous + D569 Basic Witch]

@breheartsnails [D633 Squad Ghouls]

Ghouls Just Want To Have Fun pairings that you won’t be able to resist during spooky season and the rest of the year:

Squad Ghouls + Vogue

Witch Tracker + Zara

Boo Crew + Torch

Spellbound + Medal

Hocus Pocus + Lily