Lace up your skates and roll into our new shades!

Something groovy is coming your way! Get ready to roll into fall with SIX new shades with Revel’s Retro Roller Collection! From eye-catching foils to nostalgic dip powder glitters and two complementary solids, this collection promises a playful new spin on your nails.


When can I shop?

Powder Perfectionists: 8/2, 10 A.M. ET

Everyone: 8/3, 10 A.M. ET 


Earn 2x the Rewards points when you shop the Retro Roller Revel Mates Collection or its Individual Jars. Earn Rewards from 8/2, 10 A.M. ET until 8/8, 9:59 A.M. ET. 

Roll into our new shades:

D703 Disco


What it is: A shimmery base with white, black and holographic glittering accents that shines like a disco ball. Whether you're skating the night away or having a girls night out, this glitter is for you! 



D704 Blade


What it is: A sleek grey and silver shimmer, smooth as a roller blade. If a roller blade could be a dip powder, it would be D704 Blade! 

D705 Mania


What it is: A colorful and eccentric collage of glitters that features bright pinks, yellows, and blues. This shade will have you wearing more than one shade on your nails because of it's unique multi colored glitter!

D706 Derby


What it is: A complementary creme shade of teal blue. What's glitter without its creme shades? Derby is the perfect teal to pair with any of the shades in this collection! 

D707 Rink


What it is: A vibrant mixture of complementary cool colors featuring glittering flakes of teal, purple, and pink accents. Rink is one of the show stopping shades in the collection!

D708 Skate


What it is: A color changing creme shade that changes from a light blue when warm to a purple when cold. It's time to trade in your mood ring for a mood changer! 

Check out these dip powder designs we've created with the Retro Roller and Revel shades!