How To: Holo Chrome Ombré Nails

Join Emma & Meg as we show you how to create beautiful holo chrome ombré nails that glow! We're loving this look for all of your upcoming holiday parties, especially New Year's Eve.

Steps to get holo chrome ombré nails at home:

1. Apply your Pro Base in thin, even layers.

2. Dip into GC13 Blink.

3. Brush off excess powder and repeat steps 1 and 2.

4. Apply one layer of Activator being sure to cap the nails.

5. Let Activator dry and then buff and file the nails to the desired shape.

6. Apply Tack-Free Gel Top Coat. Cure under a UV/LED light for 15 seconds.

7. Dip Chrome Buff Applicator into HC3 Elixir and buff powder onto the tip of the nail. Brush off excess powder. 

8. Apply Tack-Free Gel Top Coat. Cure for 60 seconds.