Halloween Drop-Ins

Feeling mischievous? Take a dip into our NEW Mischief Night Set this Halloween! Spooky Season is upon us, and we’re excited to announce we’ll be launching the Mischief Night Set! x This set will include five 0.5 oz jars featuring D748 Bloody Mary, D749 Frank’s Bride, D750 Haunted House, D751 Trick or Treat, and D752 Candy Corn. This fang-tastic set includes two festive glitters and three mood changers, including a spooky overlay, a fun flake, and seasonal creme. Plus, we’re relaunching some of our favorite Halloween Drop-Ins like D569 Hallow-Queen, D570 Fab-Boo-Lous, D635 Boo Crew, D636 Spellbound, and D637 Hocus Pocus. Halloween Drop-Ins launch on 9/21 at 10 am ET!

D748 Bloody Mary is a dark black and red glitter. Not only is this glitter perfect for a blood drip design but it could be worn for other holidays like Christmas, Valentine's Day, Fourth of July and more! 

D749 Frank's Bride contains holographic and green glitters and a mint green base which changes into a gray blue when cool. If Frank's Bride could wear dip powder, she'd pick this shade! 

If Halloween was a dip powder, it would be D751 Trick or Treat! Want your nails to be as festive as your costume? Trick or Treat is for you! This glitter is a mixture of bright orange, purple, and black. Plus, it's a glitter overlay and looks fabulous when applied on top of other creme shades!

D750 Haunted House is going to be your go-to all year round! It can be applied on top of any shade! This shade is a clear toned overlay that changes to a dull black-gray when cool. Use this overlay to create a smokey effect on your nails this Halloween!

D752 Candy Corn is perfect for the fall season and Halloween! If it wasn't already obvious enough that it resembles everyone's favorite candy during this time of the year! This shade is a soft pale yellow that changes into a bright tangerine orange.