Color of the Week | D385 Lily | Revel Nail Dip Powder

Our color of the week is D385 Lily. Lily is a minty green, cream dip powder. Lily is a very good seasonal shade to have in your collection. She can be used for Spring and Summer or Fall and Winter.

You can pair her with D506 Striking and D333 Ice for a icy, Winter inspired manicure.

Smokey Blue, Sliver Glitter Dip Powder, and Minty Green Dip Powder Swatches

This awesome black, green, and sea-foam manicure (see below) is giving me serious Halloween vibes. Create your own take on this witchy manicure. She paired Lily with D381 Gravel, and D449 Obsidian (TT8) from our treasure trove collection. You can step this up a notch by swapping out TT8 with GC7 Limelight for a Frankenstein look.

Dark Combo colors with Lily

We are reintroducing some of our regular line colors on Wednesday. As we start to bring back shades each week this summer, be sure to be on the lookout for our “Last Call” shades. We are discontinuing some of our regular line colors to make room for more beauties in the future. These are shades that will have a red sticker on the top left of the image photo, to let you know that they will not be restocking once they are out of stock. Get them before they are gone.

I hope you gals, have fun with this minty green. Be sure to post and tag us on Instagram, with #RevelNail and #YesRevelNail, of you at home dip powder creations with D385 Lily.