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Revel Nail Dip Powder Shaquan

Meet Shaquan! Shaquan is our go-to Production team member. After a color is developed and a recipe is written, Revel’s Production department takes over. Pigments, glitters, and powders don't always perform predictably when scaled up to large batches, so they may be asked to manufacture many smaller batches to maintain quality. Production often gets thrown a curveball when our Marketing department decides it's time to launch a sale; Suddenly they're asked to make many extra batches of colors at twice the usual size. While we try to anticipate needs and predict trends, sometimes customers decide a color is the new "must have" and Production needs to keep up!

Quan and the rest of our Production team are really the backbone of Revel. They are the team that manufactures every grain of Revel Nail Dip Powder that ends up on your nails. Shaquan is a true leader on the Production team - he is always head down, earbuds in, and wearing a smile when we need something ASAP (if not sooner). He has an amazing balance of no-nonsense and positive attitude that makes him a huge asset to the company. While we strive to predict the shades that our customers will fall in love with, it's Quan that adapts and makes magic happen, and we're beyond grateful!