How to Wear GC5 Torch

Our glow in the dark shades are the perfect way to put a little Halloween/October vibes in your manicure without being too obvious about it. GC5 Torch is the perfect eerie orange to go with your maroon fall pieces that are starting to make some appearances. The two colors together make for the perfect fall look, whether it be for date night, the office, or a cozy Saturday brunch (it’ll match your mimosas too!)

Photo of GC5 Torch Manicure/revel nail dip powder

This color works when maroon plays a big part in your outfit – don’t be afraid to play with patterns and wear an all maroon look. If monochrome isn’t your style, opt for a high waisted maroon pencil skirt like we did here. The maroon skirt will act as a perfect backdrop to your mani at all times – Torch brings out the warmer tons of maroon while maroon cools down Torch a little (no pun intended!).

No worries if you don’t have any maroon pieces in your closet – change up your skirt in this outfit and add a simple maroon plaid stamp over your Torch mani accent nail much like the example below.

Photo of GC5 Torch manicure/Revel Nail Dip Powder

The beautiful fall color combo is still there and now you’ve got a touch of plaid on your nails to match your shirt. This mani can extend over days, giving you an excuse to pull out and wear all the plaid flannels you have. We recommend D23 Ginger as your go to maroon to go with Torch.

Keep your jewelry simple; Maroon and Torch are a bright color combination. If you do wear jewelry, wear silver. Gold clashes too much with the orange of Torch and silver provides a good neutral shine.

Both GC5 Torch and D23 Ginger are currently available on our website – go grab them and send us your fall manis!