EZ Care Liquids - Coming Soon! Dip Powder

Revel Nail New Liquids Announcement

At Revel Nail Customer Service is our top priority, and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting with our customer service team you probably already know that. We have listened as some of you have struggled with thick and stringy liquids. We’ve spent the last few months in the lab and we have some exciting results for everyone! Today we are pleased to announce Revel Nail EZ Care Liquids.

Revel Nail Dip Powder EZ Care Liquids

Our new EZ Care Liquids include a reformulated ProBase, Activator, and Finish Gel. Next week, we will launch them together - they are designed to work together as a set. Our testing feedback from real customers within our community shows the liquids are thin and will stay thin, they are resistant to getting thick or stringy. The EZ Care Liquids shine as much or more than the old liquids and should provide about the same wear time as the older liquids.

The main difference will be in the drying time – the EZ Care Liquids will take a few minutes longer to dry. You can use the additional time to touch up and finish the nail. You should see the same wear time and durability as the ‘old’ liquids, which will now be called Revel Nail Professional Strength Liquids.

We will continue to sell the original liquids as Professional Strength for those of you who prefer them. Our kits will now include new EZ Care Liquids and they will be the new default option when you order liquids. This means that new users or people who are not aware of the difference will be getting the new, easier to care for liquids. If you prefer the Professional Strength liquids, you’ll simply choose them before adding to cart, the same way you choose a jar size. Whichever you choose, use them as a set. Your entire set of liquids should be either EZ Care or Professional Strength. They are not intended to be mixed and matched.

Revel Nail originally began as a brand that was servicing the professional nail market. Our products are designed to be stronger, dry quicker, and to be used on a daily basis. That’s great for professionals, but a challenge for home users. The EZ Care Liquids have the same ingredients in them, just at differing concentrations so that they are easier to use and will be more resistant to curing after minor contamination. They are designed for the home user.

For the first week we will be selling EZ Care Liquids only as a set of 4 liquids – ProBase, Activator, Finish Gel and Gel Thinner. At launch the EZ Care Liquid Set will be offered for a sale price of $20. We will process orders for domestic and international customers, but international orders will not ship until on or after March 11. Beginning March 11, the EZ Care Liquids will be available to purchase individually.

We are excited to be able to offer this to our customers and look forward to your feedback!