10 Nail Looks To Go With Your Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner! We're not only here to help you find the most fab-BOO-lous nails but to help you find your costume too. If you're someone who is trying to step out of their comfort zone, Halloween is the perfect time to do so! We're telling you it's totally ok if you want to wear five shades on one hand, or have a spooky manicure. Why not paint some ghosts, candy corns or cats on your nails? Here are some of the combos we've created for you to pair with your Halloween costume! 
If you're pulling out your pointy black hat and broom this Halloween, we have the perfect nail addition to your costume. You can't go wrong with D750 Haunted House, a clear toned overlay that changes to a dull black-gray when cool. This will allow you to give your nails a smokey effect! If you want to add a color, we suggest pairing with D302 Xena and D751 Trick or Treat!
We have a fang-tastic look for you if you're dressing up as a vampire! D748 Bloody Mary, D7 Barbara, and MR6 Supreme will help you achieve a bloody manicure! (not literally)
Wearing wings this Halloween? D637 Hocus Pocus will allow your nails to feel like an enchanted forest! D637 Hocus Pocus and D362 Lush will make your fingertips feel magical! 
Feeling on the spookier side this year? If you're wearing black and white, we hope to see your nails glowing in the dark with GC11 Illuminate! To make this look even spookier, wear D750 Haunted House and D7 Barbara to darken this mani even more!
If you're taking out your fins, shells, and scales this Halloween, D310 Agave, and D749 Frank's Bride will be your go-to combo! You can't go wrong with a mood changer like D749 Frank's Bride when you're a mermaid!
We're here to tell you D748 Bloody Mary, D251 All-Nighter, and D378 Prosecco are the three shades that help you find your gold on your treasure hunt!
If you're dressing up as a super hero like Wonder Woman, have fun with this mani! You can't go wrong with wear MR1 Trophy, D636 Spell Bound and D10 Cate together or on their own with this costume!
If you were with us when we launched A Gatsby Affair, then these shades will look familiar! If you're dressing in fringe and wearing pearls around your neck, there is no doubt that you should be dipping into anything else besides shades like D643 Flapper or D641 Goldie!
If you're walking down the aisle this Halloween then it's only right to dip into D749 Frank's Bride and D8 Bette!
We know not everyone likes to dress up for Halloween and that's totally ok! If you're someone who still likes to show their spirit through their fingertips, we've picked out shades like D751 Trick or Treat, D670 Fab-Boo-Lous, and D635 Boo Crew for you to wear!